Because of your vehicle's air-conditioning unit, the passenger compartment is effectively ventilated with cooler air coming from the vents—unfortunately, a broken Buick Skyhawk A/C condenser may strip you of your riding pleasure. Once the vents don't distribute refreshing air in the passenger compartment, it's a very good warning that the Buick Skyhawk A/C condenser is damaged. All of a sudden, the aches and pains of having a broken air-con could be impossible to dismiss.

The A/C condenser of your Buick Skyhawk functions like a radiator because the part drives away heat from the refrigerant, transforming the heated gas into a high-pressure liquid. To enable the Buick Skyhawk A/C condenser to perform well, this A/C component demands good flow of air inside the engine. Like other vehicle items, the A/C condenser may come apart after a while; the condenser's life span can be considerably diminished in case it is frequently exposed to damaging elements and high temperatures. Use a topnotch OE replacement for the ruined condenser to ensure that this could last for a long while, so the air-con will perform with less trouble.

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