Has the temperature inside your Buick Century vehicle become abnormal? If the air conditioner of your car gets a lousy function on a hot summer day, you better check out your AC system for a Buick Century A/C condenser failure. This car component is just among the various parts of your air conditioning system that helps in keeping your car's interior cool. You can usually locate this in front of the radiator underneath the hood.

The main function of your Buick Century A/C condenser is to keep the refrigerant flowing in order to cool your air conditioning system. It does this by radiating the hot refrigerant from the A/C compressor. After cooling the hot refrigerant, it turns it into liquid form then transports it back to the air conditioning system to absorb heat again inside your vehicle. Your Buick Century A/C condenser usually works hand in hand with the engine fan to cool the refrigerant.

As you can see, the actual heat dissipation occurs in the Buick Century A/C condenser. But it would not be able to perform its intended function if not for its sub components. A typical Buick Century A/C condenser is composed of two hoses that are attached from either end of the unit. Aside from that, it is also made up of thin metal tubes that have been lined with small fins. This makes it possible for the heat to dissipate easily from the coolant because of the air that passes over the unit.

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your Buick Century A/C condenser. Road debris can get some of the fins bent, which can reduce the cooling of this air conditioning component. As it ages, rust and corrosion accumulation can lead to leaks. It would be advisable that you immediately find a replacement part when this happens. Just go to your trusted car and truck parts dealer to get a replacement component.

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