One of the main concerns of Audi manufacturer is to see to it that vehicle owners will experience the level of comfort that they expect when riding an Audi. That is why when manufacturing Audi vehicles, different parts are integrated to ensure the comfort not only of the driver but the passengers as well. Without these parts, it will be very uncomfortable to travel on these vehicles especially during the summer season. Although these parts are not that essential to the vehicle's performance, still they are necessary to make sure that drivers and passengers will have an enjoyable and comfortable riding experience. And one of these parts that are included in vehicles is the air conditioning unit.

The air conditioning unit is an important component in vehicles because it provides a cool atmosphere inside the vehicle when the car windows are closed. Without the air conditioning unit, just imagine how hot it will be inside the car when you close your windows. It will be very annoying  to travel like that especially if you have an important appointment for the day and you have to look fresh when you get to your meeting place. Because of this important function, any vehicle owner should see to it that the vehicle is not only equipped with fully-functional A/C system but to make sure that its parts are regularly checked and maintained like the A/C condenser.

The A/C condenser, just like the Audi A/C condenser, is an A/C part that is responsible mainly in radiating the heat of the refrigerant, which is often a Freon gas. From the A/C compressor, this refrigerant goes to the A/C condenser to cool it and turn it into liquid form. Usually, the engine fan aids in the cooling of this refrigerant. But in some vehicles, there is an additional condenser fan to make sure that the refrigerant is cooled.

If you notice that your A/C unit is not working well, then it must be because of a damaged A/C part like the A/C condenser. A damaged A/C condenser should be repaired or replaced right away so that it will not affect the A/C system's operation. Replacement A/C condensers, like the Audi A/C condenser, are widely available here at Parts Train. Just browse our online car parts catalog and choose the Audi A/C condenser that you need.