Most automobiles today offer the same comfort level that we used to enjoy only at home or in our workplace. In just a mere slide of a lever, or push of a switch or button, we can easily transform heating to cooling. One of the systems in your vehicle that makes you comfortable while traveling is the automotive air conditioning system.

Automobiles are primarily outfitted with three various kinds of automotive air conditioning system. Though each of the said types differs from one another, they have the same design and concept. The major components making up the air conditioning system are A/C condenser, A/C compressor, orifice tube or thermal expansion valve, and accumulator or receiver-drier.

The work of the A/C condenser is similar to the automotive radiator. It is the component in the air conditioning unit where dissipation takes place. The A/C condenser does the job of releasing the heat that has been gathered by the refrigerant from inside the vehicle. Automotive A/C condensers need to have good airflow whenever the system is working. When the hot compressed gasses reach the top part of the condenser, they will be cooled off. And the moment the gas cools, it then condenses and leaves the bottom of the condenser in the form of high pressure liquid.

The loss of heat consequently brings big temperature drop in the refrigerant, which in turn causes it to condense or transform from gas to liquid form. The name of the A/C condenser comes from this function. Should a problem occur in your Acura air conditioner, have it checked immediately or else, you'll be compromising comfort inside your vehicle. Checking you're A/C system will help you decide whether to fix the problem yourself or call a professional mechanic.

Once you find out that your Acura A/C compressor engages and the pressure rises above 65 psi, the air conditioning system, if not overcharged, needs other repairs. In such case, you really need he help of a professional auto mechanic. If there's a need to replace your Acura A/C condenser, the finest replacement units can be obtained here at Parts Train. The replacement Acura A/C condensers offered at Parts Train are sure to be durable and of good quality.