Car A/C Condensers

Air conditioners are already integral to automobiles these days. They provide cool, conditioned air that is necessary when you're inside your vehicle. But these devices' popularity is not just for comfort reasons; they also allow drivers to roll the windows closed from polluted, noisy city highway air. Not unless, one or two components of each system fails. If the air vents stop discharging cool air, the a/c condenser must be at fault. This heat-dissipating device must have failed in radiating heat off the compressed 'hot' refrigerant used in absorbing heat from the cabin of the vehicle.

An auto ac condenser looks pretty much the same as the radiator of a vehicle's engine. It has fins and tubing that starts with an inlet and ends up with an outlet or discharge side. This air conditioning component is usually located right in front of the radiator where it receives open air flow from the grille and that of the existing engine fan. In some models, its location may be different but almost always near the grille where an open air flow is expected. In front-wheel drive vehicles though, electric cooling fans are used on their a/c condensers to ensure high performance.

Like any other automobile part, this device is under a recommended service life. The only reason it may not meet this span of working time is abuse or accumulation of unwanted elements that will imperil its form and performance over time. When this happens, a replacement should be acquired and fixed in its place. This task is categorized under 'moderate' auto service difficulty level, usually involves remove-and-replace procedure. The more difficult part is evacuation of the refrigerant and removal of some parts that get in the way to this auto ac condenser.

For safety reasons, it is best to identify the refrigerant that is being used in the system. A high risk type is R-134a, which is already illegal to use in some countries and states. This refrigerant type is poisonous and a pollutant when vented out to the atmosphere. In cases where this is the type used in the vehicle's air conditioning unit, it is recommended that a professional evacuates it from the system. If opting to DIY the entire task, safety gloves and eye protection should be used during the entire process. Make replacement gaskets available, as well. Discarding some of the old ones might be possible.

This replacement task is a lot easier if an exact match of the original a/c condenser is acquired for its restoration. A wide range of choices is available, may it be from a local store or online. For a much easier and faster acquisition, you can place your order right here at Parts Train! The site offers categorized auto parts and accessories for virtually all makes and models. Top manufacturer products are also featured in the site but net of the usual hefty price tags. For practicality's sake, opt for do-it-yourself procedure and use the included install guide in each new pack.